2011–12 Week 6


We hope everyone who attended the weekend workshop on Waltz enjoyed themselves. Thanks to our GMAL Rowena Slyvester, several Executive and Club volunteers who assisted with this event.


The next major Club dance is Mistletoes held at TCU Place on November 26th, 2011. This dinner dance event is not to be missed. Come and see our instructors and our members dance team perform. Tickets go on sale Sunday October 30th at the member price of $40 and non member price of $55. Dance only tickets are also available at the member price of $20 and non member price of $30.


There will be a Beginners Only dance on Friday, November 4th from 7:00pm – 10:00 pm at St. Joes Hall. 535 8th Street East. This dance is only for dancers registered in a beginner’s class. Tickets are available at the door at a cost of $5.00 per person WITH presentation of your member card. Watch for more details on the Club website.


The Club owes its low membership fees to a high level of volunteerism among members. The instructors and Executive members are volunteers. Volunteers are also used to help with many other functions. The Club by-laws dictate that all executive positions are open for election every year at a general meeting at the end of November. No person may be elected to the same executive position for more than three years.

Allison has been the Club’s Financial Officer for the past three years and her term is coming to an end. At the General Meeting on November 30 at 7:00 pm, U of S Campus, Arts 133, Club members will need to elect a new volunteer Financial Officer. Familiarity with simply accounting would be beneficial but not required. If you think you might be interested, please do not hesitate to contact the Club or her at allison.bdc@gmail.com for more information. Our General Meeting is only five weeks away

If you want further information about work associated with an Executive position, please send an email to the Club and it will be directed to the incumbent to respond.

Club members should also realize that any member is entitled to sit in on meetings of the Executive. This can be a useful learning or mentoring experience. Email the Club if you are interested in coming to the next Executive meeting on Sunday November 27 at 3 pm, St. Joes Hall.