2011–12 Week 9


Tickets are available for pick-up in class this week. Please honor your original seating request on the night of Mistletoes. Changing your mind and sitting somewhere else on the evening of the dance, means you are taking someone else’s spot. Anyone found seated in a section other than what they originally requested will be asked to move.

Online ticket sales will be available at the non-member price for both dinner and dance only tickets on Picatic http://www.picatic.com/ticket/event750708/ until November 14. Seating for tickets purchased on line is located in the non- reserved section.


The fall General Meeting of the Club will be held on Wednesday November 30 at 7:00 pm, U of S Campus, Arts 133. Attend the meeting to find out how your Club operates, ask questions, and vote for incoming Executive members. Please consider allowing your name to stand for election for an Executive position.


The Ice Crystal Ball will be held on Saturday January 13 in Manitou Beach at Danceland. Ticket order forms will be available for pick up in class until November 24th and on the Club website until December 4th. Order forms and payment must be dropped off at either Mistletoes, the General Meeting or they can be mailed to the Club by December 5th. Tickets will be returned by mail if you include a self addressed, stamped envelope with your order. You may also pick up your tickets in class from January 8-12th.


You can ride or sleep in safety, warmth and comfort regardless of the weather by booking on our fully equipped tour bus to the Ice Crystal Ball. Order your return bus ticket on your ICB dance ticket order form at a cost of $22.00, space is limited.


We currently have a block of rooms booked at Manitou Springs Hotel and Mineral Spa. The individual room rate is $109.95 plus tax and includes a swim pass. We must have 10 bookings by December 14th, 2011 to receive this room rate. For more information on the resort call 1-800-667-7672 or visit http://www.manitousprings.ca/


The Club will be offering a term 2 half Beginner class on Tuesdays from 5:45-6:45 pm at St. Joes for non-members of the Club. Thank you to Ken and Tanya for volunteering to teach this class. Registration will be available in person in January, date and time to be included in next week’s announcements.

If there are spaces available after in person registration, current members of the Club may register. Please note if you are a current member and wish to register with a partner who is currently not a member, you will not be able to do so until after in person registration is complete. Our website will be updated after in person registration to announce any remaining spaces.

Joining an existing intermediate or advanced class will be available to previous members of the Club who were unable to register in the fall. Anyone joining must have danced at least one full year at the level they wish to register in. Anyone registering for an existing class will not be given any extra instruction in terms of getting caught up with the curriculum already taught in term 1. The following classes have selected spaces available: Advanced class 17 on Thursdays at 8 pm, St. Joes; Intermediate class 3 on Sunday at 4:15 pm, Field House; Intermediate class 5 on Mondays at 8:30 pm, GPUC; and Intermediate class 10 at 7pm on Tuesday, GPUC. Please contact the Club for more information. Registration for an existing class is available by mail in registration, postmarked by December 13th or you can attend the in person registration in January, date and time to be included in next week’s announcements. Please let family and friends, who were not able to join in September, know about this opportunity. Registration forms and information is available on the Club web.


Please bring a pair of dry shoes to class, for the safety of others.


Please refrain from wearing any scented products at Club activities. Scented products affect some of our members to the point where they must leave a workshop, class or dance event when they smell a fragrance in the air. We have club members with allergies, whose symptoms can include nausea, headaches and respiratory distress when exposed to scents. Thank you for your consideration.