2012–13 Week 2


Welcome to another dancing year for our returning members and a special welcome to new Club members who either registered online or in person at our late registration on Friday. These weekly announcements are posted on our Club website and will keep you informed of Club activities. All members who provided an email address at registration will receive one group email per month highlighting important Club events or deadlines.


Registration for our 2012-2013 season is now complete and regretfully we are unable to accept any new registrants.

The Executive would like to thank all of our volunteers who assisted with our 2012-2013 registration.

The Club has registered approximately 916 members, an increase of 63 members from last year.


The Club’s email address, website URL and phone number are located on your membership card and on the “Contact Us” tab of the Club website www.uofsbdc.com .


Your membership card lists important Club dates for the upcoming year. Bring it with you to all Club events, including classes. Your member card is proof that you are registered for your class, and IS REQUIREDTO PURCHASE DANCE TICKETS, AND TO GAIN ADMITTANCE TO THE BEGINNER DANCE AND CLUB DANCE WORKSHOPS. Regretfully you will not be admitted to the beginner dance or our two term workshops if you are unable to present your member card.

Take care of your card, many members end up leaving their cards in their pant pockets and they get destroyed in the laundry. If you do lose or accidently destroy your membership card you may ask for a replacement. Membership card replacement forms are available for download on the Club website. Please fill in this form and return it to the Club email address ballroom.dance@usask.ca


The Club’s first dance of the year is Harvest Swing, which will be held on Saturday, October 13 at TCU Place, doors open at 7pm, dancing from 7:30-pm to midnight. Music by the U of S BDC Club. Dress is casual to semi-formal (i.e. no jeans or shorts). In-class ticket sales end this week on Thursday September 27th. Member ticket price is $25. Your membership allows you to purchase one non-member ticket at the price of $40. Tickets purchased in class will be returned on September 30th.

Ticket order forms are available on-line. You may purchase tickets in a class other than your own, at the end of a class.

Classes held on Sunday and Monday are reminded to pick up their tickets next week as there are no classes on the Thanksgiving weekend.

To purchase tickets in class, please:

  • Present your member card to your instructor, if requested,
  • Fill out a ticket order form, including your class number and membership card number,
  • Put your completed form and payment (exact change or cheque only) in your ticket order envelope, and
  • Put your individual order envelope into your large class ticket order envelope, and write your name, along with your contact information on the attached sheet.

Tickets are also available for two weeks on Picatic www.picatic.com/event13483472447027 from September 23 to October 9. A fee is charged by Picatic for on-line purchases.

Dress is casual to semi-formal (i.e. no jeans or shorts).


The Club is continuing its volunteer partner program to try to redress the imbalance of leads and follows in some classes. There is still time to download a volunteer lead/follow application form, available on the Club website, and submit it to your instructor or to the Club email address. All volunteers will be contacted by phone this week.


Due to the nature of dance and the need for appropriate footwear, we ask our members wear shoes in class that you would wear to any of our dances. This allows members to become accustomed to dancing in shoes other than their street shoes. Please make sure that your shoes are clean and dry, particularly as we move into fall and winter. This will ensure a clean floor for everyone to dance on. Thank you for your assistance.


Please like us on facebook.


The church parking lot (East side of the building) is reserved for people attending church functions. We have been asked to keep that parking lot free. If you are parked there now, please move your vehicle. Thanks for helping us maintain a good relationship with the church staff.



The dance this term will be Waltz. To register for dance team you must have completed one year of intermediate instruction. Bernadette Deptuch and Aaron Phoenix will be instructing. The first class is scheduled for Wednesday September 26 at Grosvenor Park United Church. Registration is from 8:00-8:30pm and the class starts at 8:45pm. The price of registration will be $75, which includes a dinner and dance ticket for Mistletoes. YOU MUST BRING YOUR CLUB MEMBERSHIP CARD AND PAYMENT IN ORDER TO REGISTER FOR DANCE TEAM. Everyone who is planning to join Dance Team must be there on registration night!