2012–13 Week 9


Mistletoes tickets ordered in class are available for pick-up this week until November 22nd.

Please honor your original seating request on the night of Mistletoes. Changing your mind and sitting somewhere else on the evening of the dance, other than your original choice, means you are taking someone else’s spot. Anyone found seated in a section other than where they originally requested will be asked to move.

Mistletoe tickets can still be purchased through PayPal until Tuesday November 13th at noon. Prices will be higher than those offered in class, to reflect the PayPal service charge. This trial switch to PayPal will provide members who purchase dinner tickets the opportunity to reserve their seating for dinner. Online dance only tickets will be assigned to the non reserved dance only section. Thank-you to Ryan H., Publications Officer, for creating this option for our Club members.

PayPal link: http://uofsbdc.com/fileadmin/template1/tickets/mistletoes.php


Ice Crystal Ball will be held on January 12th in Manitou Beach at Danceland. Ticket order forms are available in class from Monday November 12th until Thursday November 22nd. Member dinner ticket price is $25, and non-member dinner ticket price is $35.

Order forms and payment must be dropped off at either Mistletoes, the General Meeting or they can be mailed to the Club by December 5th. Tickets will be returned by mail if you include a self addressed, stamped envelope with your order. You may also pick up your tickets in class from January 6-10th, 2013.

Tickets for purchase will be available online from December 1, 2012 to January 8, 2013.


We have booked a fully equipped tour bus for those members who would prefer not to drive to Ice Crystal Ball. Price for a return bus ticket is $22.00, space is limited.


Wish to stay overnight? Make a weekend of the dance and book either a standard room at the group rate of $119.95 plus taxes (based on double occupancy) which includes a swim pass or a standard room at a rate of $135.95 plus taxes (based on double occupancy) which includes a swim pass and a complimentary breakfast. We must have at least 10 bookings to receive the $119.95 rate. ROOMS MUST BE BOOKED BY DECEMBER 12th. For more information on the resort call 1-800-667-7672 or visit http://www.manitousprings.ca/.


The last week of classes is November 18th, 2012. Classes will resume on January 6th, 2013. These dates are also listed on your member card.


This year the incumbents in the position of President and Social Coordinator will not be seeking re-election for 2013, at our general meeting Monday December 3rd, 7pm, Arts 134, located on the U of S Campus. Members are urged to consider running for these or other Executive positions. Without an active Executive the Club would have to curtail its activities drastically. If you want further information about specific Executive positions, please email the Club and it will be directed to the incumbent to respond.


Due to the nature of dance and the need for appropriate footwear, we ask our members wear shoes in class that you would wear to any of our dances. This allows members to become accustomed to dancing in shoes other than their street shoes. Please make sure that your shoes are clean and dry, particularly as we move into winter. This will ensure a clean floor for everyone to dance on. Thank you for your assistance.


Please refrain from wearing any scented products at Club activities. Scented products affect some of our members to the point where they must leave a workshop, class or dance event when they smell a fragrance in the air. We have club members with allergies, whose symptoms can include nausea, headaches and respiratory distress when exposed to scents. Thank you for your consideration.