Announcements for Week 4

No Classes October 7th and 8th

A reminder that there is no classes on Sunday, October 7th, 2018 and Monday, October 8th, 2018 in observance of the civic holiday weekend.

Grosvenor Park United Church

The parking lot behind the church is reserved for church events and staff. Please park on the streets surrounding the area.

Mistletoes Performance Slot

We are offering the opportunity for a group of members to perform a routine at our Mistletoes Ball formal dinner and dance. The current routines for Mistletoes are a Waltz, a Viennese waltz and a Cha-cha.

See our full post on our website for more information.

Harvest Swing

Harvest Swing is Saturday, October 20th, 2018. Register online until Monday, October 15th, 2018 or in-class until Thursday, October 11th, 2018. Member registration is $30, and student members pay $25. Non-member registration is $45. Registration will be available at the door from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. At-the-door costs are: members $35, student members $30, and non-members $50. Doors open at 7:30pm, dancing is from 8pm until midnight at TCU Place.

Country Two-Step Term Workshop

Our first term workshop for the new season is Country Two-Step, instructed by our principal instructor Michael Milette. This is hosted at Holliston School on Saturday, October 27th, 2018.

Cost is $5 per session. Cash only. Members Only. Please arrive 20 minutes early to register with your member card and bring clean indoor shoes for the dance floor.

Level Time
Level I 11:00 AM
Level II 12:30 PM
Level III 2:15 PM
Level I 3:45 PM
Level II 5:15 PM


We are excited to announce an update to our volunteer perk policy. All volunteers who donate 6 or more hours of their time to the club will receive: an invitation to early registration in July for the upcoming dance year, a Volunteer Collector’s piece of club merchandise (selected by the executive each year) and complimentary entry to the next years monthly dances (note tickets are non-transferable).

If you are interested in volunteering with the club please contact our volunteer coordinator on our website.

We are looking for help:

  • At dances
  • At workshops
  • With registration
  • Advertising events

Volunteer Lead / Follow Program

Our club is always looking for leads and follows to help balance out role ratios in our classes. If you are interested in helping balance classes please fill out the volunteer lead/follow form and return to the club. Volunteers will be assigned based on availability on form and instructor requests. For more information on the program visit our website.

Executive Positions to Fill

We currently have vacant executive positions and are looking for interested members to contact our president to learn more about the roles. We are looking for:

  • Director of Marketing and Communications — focused on digital and social marketing of the club involving graphic art design and creative writing.
  • Student Member at Large — focused on representing the interests of our members that are attending Post-Secondary education. They will work closely with the General Members at Large.

General Reminders

Keeping up with Club Events

All our announcements and event information will be posted on our website ( for easy access. We also encourage you follow us on twitter (@uofsbdc) and like our facebook page for up-to-date information on workshops, dances and events.

Practice Session

Our practice session is held Thursdays at Grosvenor Park United Church from 7:45pm till 8:45pm. The first practice session will be held Thursday, September 20th, 2018.

Confirmation Emails

When you register for our events; the confirmation e-mail sent out is your guarantee that a registration went through. Make sure to contact the club if you do not receive an e-mail for a class or formal dance you registered for.