2017–18 Registration Information

With only a short while before registration begins, we have a few updates about changes to our registration processes this year.

Membership Lite

We now offer a new way of joining our club and getting many of the benefits of being a member without having to participate in a class. See all the details on our Membership Lite information page. We recommend having a number of years experience in social ballroom dancing before choosing this option.

Changes to Registration in Term Classes

Registration for term classes are only available one term at a time this year. At the end of term one, an opportunity to register in the second term will be provided. There are also no discounts that apply to term classes this year.

Second+ Class Discounts Are Available From Day One of Registration

You no longer need to wait until near the end of registration to get your discount for registering in a second/third/etc class. Once you receive your registration e-mail for your first class, you will have your member card number for this season and will be able to register for more classes and receive your discount.

You must use your member card number with the following process to obtain your discount. Without it, you will not receive the discount, will be assigned a new member card number and might be affected by delays in processing your registration.

To register for a second/third/etc class and receive your discount, select the I Am Adding a Current Member option on the registration page for the class when you get to it.

Member Pricing Step 1

Enter in the member card number you received in your e-mail for your first class registration and the e-mail address or the phone number you registered with and click Find.

Member Pricing Step 2

This will load your profile and allow the discount to be applied to your registration.

In Person Registration Dates

Registration dates for registering for our club in person is avaiable in the classes section of our website.

Formal Dance Price Increases

Due to changes in the provincial budget, our club is now being charged additional taxes by our venue. In order to adjust for these changes in our costs, we have raised prices for attending our formal dances by $5.00.