2018–19 Registration Information

It has only been a few short months since the end of our 2017–2018 season of classes, but we have been hard at work planning the next year. We are proud to announce that the schedule has been laid out for classes next year. Have a look at what we are offering for the 2018-2019 season. We also have many new things to tell you about this years classes…

Online Registration

Registering for our classes online continues to be our primary way of registering our members for our classes. Have a quick look at our registration dates to see when class registration will start.

Registering In-Person

We understand that sometimes you just want to talk to someone first or pay with cash or cheque. This year we have expanded the opportunities to come see us! The majority of the chances to see us in person to register will be held at the Open Store Front in Confederation Mall. Make sure to have a look at all our in person dates if you are interested in chatting or registering in person.

Membership Lite

We will continue to offer a way of joining our club and getting many of the benefits of being a member without having to participate in a class. See all the details on our Membership Lite information page. We recommend having a number of years experience in social ballroom dancing before choosing this option.

Pricing Changes For Single Term Classes

We received a significant amount of feedback last year about our semestered classes and their pricing structure. This year, we have changed the cost of registering for classes that only run one term to be exactly half the cost of a two term equivalent. Make sure to review all our prices to see the changes. Discounts still do not apply to single term classes. We will also be, again, offering an opportunity at the end of term one to register in the second term.

Class Limit Changes

In order to provide the best instruction possible, we have lowered the maximum number of people that we can have at many of our classes. This primarily affects classes held at Grosvenor Park United Church due to the space and feedback from our members. Make sure you register early so that you can get in the class you want!