Intermediate Class Curriculum

  • Taught during the year
  • Optional pattern for the year
Cha Cha
  • Open Break with Alternating Under Arm Turns
  • Crossover Break with hand change
  • Double Crossover Break
  • Peek-a-boo (variation: lead checks forward)
  • Chase
  • Triple Progressive – basic
  • Triple Progressive - alternate hands touching (i.e. rt to rt, left to left, rt to rt, etc.)
  • Triple Progressive - triples fwd for lead, crosslead, triples fwd for lead
  • Suggested Sequence: Open break, peek-a-boo, alternating U/A's, double X-overs, 5ths, triple progressive into chase
Country Two Step
  • Basic
  • Under Arm Turn Right
  • Sweetheart
  • Sweetheart Turn
  • Couple Turn
Fox Trot
  • Parallel Walks fwd. & bwd. (SSQQ timing)
  • Parallel entry into Grapevine (SSQQ timing)
  • Two Way Turn
  • Left Box with u/a left
  • Right Box with u/a right
  • Forward Twinkle to Wing
  • Quarter turn to Side by Side Changes
  • Windows
  • Right Side Wrap (Hammer Lock)
  • Shoulder Wrap
  • Tuck in and Turn
  • Octopus
  • Mix Master
  • Peek-a-Boo
  • Double Under Arm Turn
Old Time Waltz
  • Basic Box
  • Open Break With Under Arm Turn
  • Underarm Turn Right directly to Crossover Break (alternate ending – fwd, side, close)
  • Open Break with Alternate Under Arm Turns
  • Opening out 2nd position breaks (non-travelling flip flops)
  • Cross-Body Lead to Cross-over
  • 'Run-Through' from cross-over
  • Back Spot Turn from Lead's forward Rock
  • Peek-a-boo
  • Crossover Break, w/a turn, side close steps, Cucharacha, fwd/bwd rock into u/a rt
  • Suggested Sequence: Open break, peek-a-boo, alternating under-arm turns, flip-flop 2nds, cross-body lead to X-overs to run through to parallel breaks to back spot
  • u/a rt, 5th position, spiral left for follow, into close into Cucharacha
  • Hand Drop-UAT-5th Position Breaks-Free Spin Exit
  • Crossbody Lead
  • Back-Spot Turn x 2
  • Alternating Outside Turns
  • Alternating Inside Turns
  • Sombrero
  • Alternating Inside Passes
  • Flair Promenade
  • Rock Turn Ending
  • Promenade to rock with fan
  • La Puerta (Follow’s Outside Fans with Half-Turn)
  • Flair with Double change of Place (both partners spin across QQS, spin back QQS)
  • Flair with Continuous fans
  • Flair with u/a left
  • Two Way Turn (Left Box, Change Step, Right Box)
  • Forward Twinkle to Wing
  • Left Box with Under Arm Turn Left
  • Right Box with Under Arm Turn Right
  • u/a rt entry into left side-by-side changes
  • Figure 8
  • if time, add solo turns
  • if time, add checks
West Coast Swing
  • Left Side Pass
  • Right Side Pass with follow’s u/a left
  • Push Break (aka Sugar Push)
  • Press Break (u/a rt from Sugar Push)
  • Starter Step (Throw Out to Basic)
  • Whip (Basic)
  • Left Side Pass with free spin
  • Push Break Bump
  • Push Break Bump with 360 turn for both
  • Left side pass to tuck turn
  • Rolling left side pass with optional free spin