Intermediate Class Curriculum

  • Taught during the year
  • Optional pattern for the year
Cha Cha
  • Continuous w/a turns
  • Move directly from Crossover Breaks to 5th Position Breaks & vice versa
  • Parallel Breaks with no dance hold (i.e. visual lead)
  • Pretzel
  • Crossover triples
  • Sweetheart
  • Traveling Sweetheart
Country Two Step
  • Basic
  • Under Arm Turn Right
  • Sweetheart
  • Sweetheart Turn
  • Couple Turn
Fox Trot
  • Two Way Turn
  • Forward Twinkle to Check
  • Spiral
  • Spiral entry to Grapevine
  • Shadow Spirals
Old Time Waltz
  • Basic Box
  • Open Break With Under Arm Turn
  • Open Break with Under Arm Turn Right (tside)
  • Crossover Breaks with Continuous Walk Around Turns
  • Move directly from Crossover Breaks to 5 th Position Breaks & vice versa
  • Travelling Parallel Breaks (Parallel Spiral)
  • Crossbody Lead to Open Break to Back Spot Turn
  • Crossover Breaks, side steps to Cucharacha
  • Banquera Break
  • Sequence – half basic, u/a left, both w/a turn, 5 th position, fwd walks for both (could add spiral turn for follow), Cucharacha
  • Crossover with Spins
  • Basic
  • Balancetes
  • Underarm Turn Right (Outside)
  • Underarm Turn Left (Inside)
  • Botofogo – Promenade and Counter Promenade
  • Volta (from above Botofogo)
  • Botofogo (traveling – follow crosses behind)
  • Box (Brazilian Caixo)
  • Sequence - Two Botofogos, two Voltas, follow's u/a rt, Balancete
  • Samba Walks
  • Sequence – 8 cts. Basic, 8 cts. Balancetes, u/a rt x 2 finishing in Promenade for Samba walks
  • Basic
  • Release
  • Under Arm Turn Left (Inside)
  • Under Arm Turn Right (Outside)
  • Back Pass
  • Sliding Doors
  • Traveling Tuck-Ins
  • Rolling Off the Arm
  • Pinwheel (Continuous Tuck and Turn with XHH)
  • Cascade
  • Flair promenade
  • Rock Turn Ending
  • Media Corte
  • Shadow Rocks
  • Flair with Change of Place and Free Spin
  • Under Arm Turn Right from Flair
  • Flair Promenade, follow’s u/a rt, lead’s u/a left, fan close
  • Two Way Turn (Left Box, Change Step, Right Box)
  • Forward Twinkle to Check
  • Spiral
  • Alternating u/a turn – lead & follow
  • Wheel – with u/a rt entry
  • Promenade Hesitation with optional develope
West Coast Swing
  • Left Side Pass
  • Right Side Pass with follow’s u/a left
  • Push Break (aka Sugar Push)
  • Press Break (u/a rt from Sugar Push)
  • Starter Step (Throw Out to Basic)
  • Whip (Basic)
  • Left Side Pass with free spin
  • XHH (rt to rt) Push Break Face Loop
  • XHH (rt to rt) Push Break with change of direction and optional free spin
  • u/a turn pass with DXHH (left overs) to face loop
  • Rolling left side pass with optional free spin