Beginner Plus Classes

The same amount of material is taught at all levels. What is taught changes. Dancers will benefit equally from taking any level of instruction and, as each level builds upon the one before it, will usually improve their dancing more by enrolling at the lower levels.

Beginner Plus caters to people who have taken the Beginner curriculum in the past, but may not yet be confident enough in their ability to join an Intermediate class. Beginner Plus incorporates all of the Beginner curriculum at an accelerated pace, as well as some of the easier figures from the Intermediate curriculum.

This class is intended for those students with a minimum one full year (i.e. with good attendance) of dancing at the Beginner level who would enjoy more technique and more variety as they continue to work on strengthening their dancing skills at the Beginner level. Students taking this class will be expected to have already mastered some of the simpler Beginner patterns. Along with technique, this class will focus on the more difficult patterns at the Beginner level as well as an introduction to a few of the simpler patterns from the Intermediate level, as time permits.

Beginner Plus Curriculum