Performance Classes

The same amount of material is taught at all levels. What is taught changes. Dancers will benefit equally from taking any level of instruction and, as each level builds upon the one before it, will usually improve their dancing more by enrolling at the lower levels.

Dancers from the Intermediate and Advanced classes form a Dance Team each term, and perform a routine choreographed by our wonderful Instructors at Mistletoes, and Dancero. Registration is done on a per-term basis (there are two Dance Teams per year), and is open to all strong Intermediate and Advanced dancers who can commit to attending all practices and rehearsals, and have an interest in performing. Dancers must be enrolled in a regular class to join Dance Team.

Open to members registered in a regular class (Intermediate, Intermediate Plus, or Advanced) who have completed at least one year at the Intermediate level. The students will learn a choreographed dance that they will perform at Mistletoes (for those registered in term 1) or Dancero (for those registered in term 2). Equal numbers of leads and follows are required. Registration is held during the first Dance Team class which will commence the second week of classes of each term.