Due to the Covid 19 pandemic and the uncertainty of group gathering sizes and social distancing guidelines, the club has cancelled our traditional term 1 session, classes, dances and workshops for the 2020-2021 dance season.

Please stay up to date with us over the summer on our Facebook page.


Instructor Advisory Committee


A committee consisting of a range of instructors from all active instructors in the Organization, whom are responsible for discussing and organizing matters pertinent to the instructor group. Chair is chosen by an election within the committee.

  • Instructor Members at Large (2)
  • Beginner Class Instructor Representative (3)
  • Intermediate Class Instructor Representative (2)
  • Advanced Class Instructor Representative (1)

Instructor Recruitment Committee

A committee consisting of experienced instructors and are responsible for recruiting, evaluating, and selecting new instructors.

  • Principal Instructor Chair of this committee
  • Instructor Member at Large (2)
  • Experienced Instructors (3 to 5) Chosen by the Principal Instructor

Music Committee

This committee is made up of instructors and interested members and is responsible for choosing appropriate dance selections with music providers and compiling a dance playlist.

  • Music Coordinator Chair of this committee
  • Interested Instructors of the Organization
  • Interested Members of the Organization

Registration Committee

Responsible for making all registration decisions including dates, times, forms, membership card format and all other details. The general format of registration day must be submitted to the Executive for approval.

  • President
  • General Member at Large (3) Chair of this committee
  • Student Member at Large
  • Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Director of Information Technology
  • Volunteer Coordinator