Executive Members and Elected Non-Voting Members, all of whom are volunteers! Most positions are voted on by our membership at the General Meeting in December. Every position is voted on every year, and most are required to change hands every three years at a maximum.



Corey W.

Corey has been a member of the club since 2003. When he's not dancing, one can usually find him traveling or planning to travel. His love of dance follows him during these travels and he will usually attempt to find local dances to crash and join including: tango in Argentina; swing in Santa Barbara; Salsa in Sydney, Australia and Lima, Peru; and ballroom in Amsterdam.

The President is responsible for providing leadership for the Executive in order to achieve the mission and vision of the Club. The President must ensure that Executive members understand their jobs and are able to fulfill those expectations and will also assist in recruiting new members. The President will preside over both Executive and member meetings, set the agenda and oversee the work of the Executive to ensure action plans and outstanding items are followed up on. The President also sits on various committees and participates in budget planning. The President serves as a link to the membership and responds to member inquiries as well as supervises the Executive Assistant to the Club.

Vice President


Chad M.

The Vice President will assume the role of the President in the President's absence. The Vice President is responsible for booking facilities for classes and workshops, managing facility issues and facility key control. The Vice President is responsible for managing the budget allocated to this position.

Financial Officer


Kristina J.

Kristina was a member as a student 20 years ago and her only regret then was missing out on joining the club as a freshman. She returned to the club in 2016 with energy and enthusiasm. She has discovered that with social dance, there's no war between the sexes, only teamwork and that teamwork creates something beautiful, graceful and fun.

The Financial Officer is responsible for preparing cheques for Club expenditures and paying bills in a timely manner, preparing the annual budget in consultation with the President, assisting the auditors in completing the year-end audit, presenting the budget, audit and comparative statement at the General Meeting and Annual General Meeting and liaising with bank representatives and maintaining the Club bank accounts.

Music Coordinator


Bernadette C.

The music coordinator is in charge of the selection and purchasing of music for the club with input from Instructors and others that have an interest. This music is used in classes, at dances, and at workshops. The Music Coordinator is also able to receive help in the form of a Music Committee which they run.

Social Coordinator


Susan S.

Susan has been a member of the club since 2008. She often jokes that her life consists of work and dance - but she recently had to change that to her daughter and dance as Spencer and her just welcomed their new little dancer in March of 2017.

The Social Coordinator coordinates, in collaboration with other Executive members, manages and attends the five dances held by the Club. The Social Coordinator is responsible for booking and meeting with the facility to determine menu, table numbers and special requests, working with printing companies to develop and print event tickets and playlists and booking bands/DJs. The Social Coordinator is responsible for managing the budget allocated to this position.

Instructor Member at Large



The Instructor Member At Large is the representative of the Instructor group on the Executive committee and, vice versa, the representative of the Executive Committee in the Instructor Group. They are the go-between between the two important groups.

General Member at Large


Teresa N.

My name is Teresa and I have been with the club for about 5-6 years now. I originally joined because my parents were in it. They would always show off the moves that they had learned and it got me interested. I'm still trying to improve my skills and so far everybody that I've danced with has been really great. Thank you! Outside of the club, I enjoy hanging out with my pup, swimming and biking. I love traveling to different places. If you have a great interest in traveling, just come up and talk to me. We could talk for hours! I also keep very busy with work. I work in the health care field and that means stress and sometimes long hours. So dancing is a great place to help me relax.

Evan M.
Lorraine P.

The GMALs coordinate, in collaboration with other Executive members, manage and attend the annual and half class registrations, Fall University Student Orientation Fair, member workshops, beginner dances and Volunteer Appreciation. They are responsible for booking facilities for events, working with volunteers at each event, ensuring proper set up of events and purchasing required items. They are responsible for managing the budget allocated to this position.

Student Member at Large


Blaze R.

This position is much like a GMAL, but with a specific focus on representing the interests of our members that are attending Post-Secondary education. They work closely with the GMALs around registration time in on campus events and scheduling.

Director of Information Technology


Chris G.

Chris is a person that believes in having as many skills as reasonably possible and his history of hobbies and activities reflects that. A technology professional with interests in home automation, soccer, slo-pitch, fishing, video games and now, dancing. He recently joined the club to start learning dance only to be recruited into the executive in short order by friends and the membership.

The D.o.I.T. position is responsible for the creation and maintenance of both procedures and tools that ease the burden of everyday club operations. Working closely with the other members of the executive and the expectations placed on them; this role handles simplifying processes through technology.

Director of Marketing and Communications


Tara L.

The marketing director handles the verbal and visual communication pieces used by the club to inform both members and non-members alike of the services and events that our club offers guided by the needs of our designated event planners.

Volunteer Coordinator


Diane E.

The Volunteer coordinator, in collaboration with other Executive members, is responsible for securing volunteers to assist with events and activities throughout the dance year (registrations, member workshops, dances, etc). The Volunteer Coordinator tracks and maintains records of volunteers who assist and the hours they have worked as these hours count towards an invitation to Volunteer Appreciation. As well, the Volunteer Coordinator assists the GMALs with planning and maintaining the guest list for Volunteer Appreciation. The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for managing the budget allocated to this position.

Decorations Coordinator


Ashley P.

The Decorations Coordinator is responsible for planning and coordinating the decorations at each of the Clubs five dances. This includes maintaining an inventory of decorations and purchasing new decorations as required. The Decorations Coordinator works with Club volunteers to set up and take down decorations prior to and after each dance. The Decorations Coordinator is responsible for managing the budget allocated to this position.

Executive Assistant

Bridget K.

The Executive Assistant is one of two paid positions in the club. The EA works alongside the Executive committee in many different capacities including, but not limited to: meeting minutes, club secretary, dance ticket distribution, table assignments, and many of dozens of other tasks.

Executive Members and Non-Voting Elected Members work countless hours in the year, and as such have additional perks available. Membership fees are waived, and tickets to events are complimentary! If you are interested, please feel free to contact the current person in the position. They will be more than happy to discuss the role and what responsibilities come with it!

Executive Nomination Form

The executive nomination form is used for nominating members into a potential new role during the club General Meeting in late November/early December.