Advertising Policy

    1. In order to prevent conflicts of interest, disruption to the members, and to keep in line with existing practice and by-laws, advertising during any class, be it in an announcement, in person by handing out cards or verbal demonstrations, or other form shall not be allowed.
    2. Organizations wishing to offer a product to the membership may do so in a space they have privately arranged that is not in direct conflict or interference with any activities the Club is hosting or providing.
    3. Advertisement space will not be made available in the Club newsletter/website in a traditional advertising space or sense, though at the Executive's discretion they may be mentioned in association with a specific event if the Executive feels it is something that will benefit the Club's membership (i.e., dance apparel companies offering product the same days as a workshop).
    4. The U of S BDC website currently contains a 'Links' section. A passive form of advertising, this in no way intrudes on members' learning opportunities in class, or directly impacts their time without their explicit consent, and as such should be the primary outlet that organizations or individuals who wish to advertise information to the Club's membership would use. Links would be available in the form of basic text descriptions, with a header/title, 2 or 3 sentences of description, and contact information in the form of a referring link, address, and/or phone number. The opportunity to post graphic ads would not be available. Ads will not be allowed that advertise specific events, anyone wishing to advertise will be allowed a general description as to what they offer as well as contact information for people to find out more if they should so wish.
    5. The U of S BDC Facebook page is an open media source to allow any or all links or sales of interest to our members. Content posted on the U of S BDC Facebook page will be monitored by the Club Executive and any abusive posting will be removed.
February 2012 Approved by Executive Vote

This page was last updated on Mon, Feb. 27, 2012