Joint Ventures Policy

    1. The U of S BDC may enter into a joint venture with another dance club in order to co-host an event/workshop/specialty class.
    2. A simple majority vote by the Executive is needed to accept the decision to hold a joint event/workshop/specialty class.
    3. Before a vote, if there is no specific budget line set up for a joint venture, a decision and vote shall be held to determine where in the budget the money will come from.
    4. To allow for the easiest communication, a meeting between representatives of the two club executives/board, should be held at the earliest convenience to decide upon details together. A minimum of two members per club should be at this meeting. Further meetings can be set between the two groups should the need arise.
    5. All major decisions pertaining to ticket sales, entrance fees, expenses, and topics/themes, should be determined by majority vote between the two groups.
    6. A member of the Executive — the President by default — will be the main contact person between the clubs.
    7. A formal agreement may be written up to set out the responsibilities of both groups.
July 2017 Approved by Executive Vote

This page was last updated on Thu, Jul. 27, 2017