General Membership Dance Performance 2017 Policy

    1. This policy is for a trial run during the 2017-2018 Dance Season and shall be reviewed in the summer of 2018.
    2. The U of S BDC shall set aside a single slot at Mistletoes 2017 and Dancero 2018 for a performance by any General Members that wish to perform.
      1. The U of S BDC Executive shall create an application form for those wishing to submit a proposal. The deadline to apply will be 30 days before the dinner dance.
      2. The performance to fill the spot shall be chosen by random draw by the Executive 21 days before the dinner dance.
    3. General Membership Performances shall follow the same criteria that other performances follow, including, but not limited to:
      1. Song choice (appropriate lyrics, SOCAN/ReSound copyright rules, length)
      2. Dance style is one that the Club teaches
      3. A minimum of 2 people in the performance
      4. All members of the performance are to be current members of the Club
      5. At the time of the random draw, the dance style is not one already being performed by another routine.
September 2017 Approved by Executive Vote

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