Volunteer Benefits Policy

    1. All volunteers who donate 6 or more hours of their time at Club events, supporting the Club at public events, or assisting with Club-specified advertising during any one given volunteer year (July-June) will receive:
      1. An invitation to Early Registration in July for the upcoming dance year.
      2. A Volunteer Collector’s piece of club merchandise — as determined by the executive each year.
      3. Complimentary entry to all monthly dances for the following dance year. Please note that the complimentary dance tickets are non-transferable and hold no cash value.
    2. At Early Registration, volunteers may register a partner with them to minimize any imbalances between leads and follows. The club policy is to not allow an imbalance of more than 3 leads or follows per class. Each class will have a maximum limit of 50% of early registrants (excluding Executive and Instructors). It is important to note that volunteers may not be able to register into their first choice class.​ Please have a second or third choice in mind when attending early registration.
September 2018 Amended
September 2014 Approved

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