Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Can I join the Club?

Our only requirement is that all dancers must be at least 16 years old. We welcome everyone who is of age to come and join us! We are an all-inclusive Club designed for anyone over 16 who wants to dance, regardless of experience, age, body type, gender, orientation, expression, race, or religion.

Do I need a partner to register?

No! We have many members who sign up on their own. We encourage changing partners in classes, so everyone gets equal chances to dance through the year, regardless of their relationship status. Dance classes are a great place to meet new people and make friends!

What do you mean by Lead and Follow?

In every dancing couple, there is one person who is the Lead, the other is the Follow. Traditionally, the Leads were male and the Follows female, but they don't have to be! We welcome all individuals and couples, and everyone may choose what position they want to dance each year when they register. We only ask that once you have chosen a position, you dance as such for that entire dancing year.

I lost/damaged my membership card. How to I get a new one?

You will need to fill out a form and submit it to the Club. Help is on our support page for this topic.

Class Registration

Where can I find information about registration?

Registration information will be posted to the main page of our website. We aim to get this information out to the public as early as we can. Visit our classes page for all the latest details.

When is registration?

Our main registration is in August and September. Registration typically runs until just before the first day of classes, with Late Registration occurring one week after classes begin. We also have a smaller registration for a few specific classes in December and January. The exact dates, times, and locations for registration vary from year to year.

Can I join the Club after registration is over?

Generally we are not able to bring in new members once registration has closed. However, we encourage you to contact the Club anyway. In some cases there can be something we can do, and it never hurts to ask!

How do I register for a class?

We have both on-line and in-person registrations available. Check our general announcements for registration information.

Who is eligible for the student pricing?

Any student at any secondary or post-secondary institution, not only the University of Saskatchewan. To be eligible for student pricing, you must present valid, current student ID at the time of registration.

Can I register in multiple classes?

Yes! Take as many classes as you want! We provide a discount on every class after your first. We allow members to join a second class or more at Late Registration, after everyone has had a chance to get into their first class.

Can I register for multiple people?

Yes. You can register for yourself as well as your partner. If you wanted to register any additional people, you may do so but will have to return to the end of the line and wait your turn again. We do this to ensure fairness to the people in line behind you.

How do I get a refund?

Refunds for classes are available only for 21 days after payment. You would need to fill out a form and submit it to the Club. Check our support page for this information.


What dances are taught?

Our curriculum includes Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Rumba, Tango, Polka, Jive, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Salsa, Samba, Viennese Waltz, and Quickstep. Our focus is on social dance as opposed to competition, so our dancers come to have fun and make new friends!

Who teaches classes?

Our Instructors are all local volunteers with a passion for dancing! To become an Instructor, each must demonstrate their knowledge and ability to not only dance but also to teach. We are very fortunate to have so many dedicated and talented people working with us.

When are classes offered?

We offer classes Sunday though Thursday. Our terms are scheduled over the same time frame as University classes. We begin our classes in September, dance until the end of November, and then take December off. We return to classes in January, and end the weekly sessions at the end of March.

Do you offer summer classes?

Currently we do not, sorry. We do have monthly dances through the summer though.

When will the class schedule be available?

Class schedules are usually made available as soon as they are finished. For fall registration, we aim to have it finalized and published in July.

Can I change classes?

If you wish to change classes, you need to fill out a form and submit it to the Club. Check our support page for this information.

If I am going to miss a class, may I attend a different class instead?

No, sorry. We require that our members only attend their specific class they are registered in.


What kind of events does the Club have?

We have four larger dances at TCU Place:

We have one dance at Danceland in Watrous: We also have informal dances, usually one per month and there are workshops held through the dancing year. They each focus on a single dance per workshop. Details for our events can be found on our workshops page.

How do I register for a dance?

For monthly dances there are no pre-ordered registrations. Dancers simply pay at the door. For our our other dances, we register online as well as in person. Fill out the in-class forms, or check the main website page for direction to the online option.

I registered for a dance and now am unable to attend. Can I get a refund?

No, sorry, we are not able to refund dance registrations. We do allow our members to swap their registrations to other members. If you are changing you registration to another person, you must notify the Club about the change in dancers. We use paperless registrations that are tied to your membership number, so we will not admit someone else unless you request us to prior to the event.


Where are classes held?

We use 4 main locations for classes. They are:

Where are events held?

We hold Harvest Swing, Mistletoes, Winter Warm Up, and Dancero at TCU Place. Monthly dances and Workshops are typically at Trinity Orthodox Church or St. Joe's Hall.


Does the Club use volunteers?

Yes! All our Instructors and Executive are volunteers! As well, we need additional help with decorations, greeting, workshops, photography, registration, and more.

How can I volunteer?

Send a message to our Volunteer Coordinator and they will add you to their list. Only members who ask to volunteer will receive emails about opportunities.

Are there any benefits to volunteering?

Yes! Not only are you helping make our Club better, you are adding to the experience by making our events run smoothly with added bonuses like decorations and performances. Also, anyone who volunteers six hours or more in a dancing year will receive a complimentary admittance to a monthly dance. Also, volunteers who work registration are invited to register themselves and a partner early, before we open it up to the general public. Volunteers who work six hours or more at dancing events will receive an invitation to register early for the next dancing year.

How do I join the Executive?

The Club holds their elections at the General Meeting in December. All positions are voted on each year, and we encourage anyone interested to come out and run. In the event that a position is vacant, the current Executive may appoint an interested person to the position until the next General Meeting.

How do I become an Instructor?

Instructor recruitment is held every year. Anyone is welcome to try-out, although knowledge of dancing, the curriculum, a passion for teaching, and the ability to perform at a high skill level are required to be accepted.


Why do I need a change of shoes? Can't I wear one pair and wear them inside and out?

No, sorry. We ask all dancers to change their shoes prior to entering the dance floor, both in classes and at events. Many of our dancers wear proper dance shoes, which have suede or leather soles. Small stones, moisture, dirt, etc, can damage the soles and is often not repairable.

Do I need special shoes?

No. We ask that all dancers have clean, dry, non-marking, indoor shoes for all classes and events, but we do not require professional dancing shoes. We recommend that you wear footwear that has no rubber or strong grips on the soles, as they will stick to the floors and make turning and spinning more difficult and are more likely to cause knee and hip injuries. We also recommend that you wear something similar to what you would wear to events so that you get used to your chosen heel height and shoe style. Sore feet do not make a happy dancer!

What kind of clothes should I wear?

In our classes and workshops we encourage comfortable clothes. For our larger events (Harvest Swing, Mistletoes, and Dancero) our members wear semi-formal to formal wear. Black Tie is not required. We only ask that blue jeans please not be worn. Winter Warm Up is a themed, dress-up dance, so we encourage our members to interpret the theme as they see fit and dress up! Of course, costumes are not required and many members prefer to wear their regular outfits. Monthly Dances are casual and dancers may choose to wear what they want.

I don't want to change partners in class. Do I have to?

Changing partners helps to make you a better dancer so we do encourage it, but do not force anyone to participate. If you choose to stay as a couple, just let the other dancers know to bypass you when it is time to switch.

What if someone asks me to dance when I don't want to?

We to ask that all our dancers be polite and courteous. No one has to dance with anyone if they don't want to, but please decline nicely.

I am having an issue with another member of the Club. What do I do?

Please let someone know! It can be your Instructor or any of the Executive members, but we can't correct an issue that we don't know is happening. The Club is a positive and safe place for everyone and we work hard to help keep it that way.

Something Missing?

If there is a question that you have that is not covered by this FAQ, and that you would like to see, feel free to ask via our Contact Page.