So you are interested in volunteering with us? GREAT! Our Club is run by volunteers, our classes are taught by volunteers, and our events are brought together and made amazing by our volunteers! Come and join us to meet new people, make new friends, and earn great perks!

General Opportunities
Through our volunteer coordinator, you can help with many of the tasks we have from helping with general registration to setting up at our formal dances.
Volunteer Lead(s)/Follow(s)
When our classes are out of balance with lead or follows; members can step in to help even the balance.
Instructor Recruitment
All our Instructors are volunteers of the club! They have auditioned, proven their knowledge in dance and their ability to teach, and follow a curriculum set out by our Principal Instructor. There are weekly classes for the instructors to practice and better their skills, which is a great benefit to all our members!
Executive Members
Our Executive is voted on once a year at the General Meeting from our general membership.