General Volunteer Opportunities

There are perks to volunteering! Anyone who volunteers six hours or more of their time receive an invitation to Early Registration and a complimentary ticket to a Monthly Dance of their choice!

If you are interested in helping out, Contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

Volunteering Opportunity

There are many different types of volunteering opportunities available to our general membership to help us out.


Our four dances at TCU Place (Harvest Swing, Mistletoes, Winter Warm Up, and Dancero) all require volunteers to meet and greet our members as they arrive at the dance. They welcome the dancers, hand out plastic shoes bags, direct members where to go, and answer questions. We only have the volunteers working until the dance or dinner begins, so this is a great opportunity to get in some volunteering time without missing out on any dancing!

Beginner Dance Greeter

Twice a year we have a dance specific for those members registered in beginner classes. We prefer to have the volunteers at these dances be beginner dancers themselves. Volunteers would check membership cards, register our dancers, take payment, and answer simple questions. We make sure that all volunteers have time to dance as well.


We need volunteers too assist registering our members during the workshops. The volunteers welcome the dancers, check their membership card, enter information into our system using our tablets, accept payment, and direct members as needed. We do our best to break up the shifts so that volunteers can attend the workshop themselves and volunteers too!


Our Decorations Coordinator is always looking for members to assist them with the four dances at TCU Place (Harvest Swing, Mistletoes, Winter Warm Up, and Dancero). Typically the set up takes around 2 hours and is in the afternoon, leaving plenty of time for everyone to go home and prepare for the dance. Clean up is immediately following the dance and is only an hour or so.


During the summer months we like to spread the word about our amazing Club and put posters around the city. We ask volunteers to pick up some posters from us, let us know where they are planning to go, and hang them within a week or so. We do require our volunteers to have permission to hang the posters, and only put them where allowed (when applicable).

Door Hangers

As registration gets closer, we like to let as many people know about the Club as possible! We get door hangers printed and ask volunteers to walk a few blocks of their neighbourhood and drop flyers for us. We do ask that volunteers let us know which blocks they plan to do, and that no flyers be left at homes requested no junk mail.


We have two sets of performances during our dancing year — one at Mistletoes and another at Dancero. We like to have a volunteer take pictures of the dancers in our photo-corner after they have finished their performance, then compile the pictures and send them to us. These volunteers are also credited for any editing time as well. It is important to add that the Club owns these photographs and they are not for personal or commercial use or distribution.


We like to have a video created of our yearly performances at Mistletoes and Dancero. We ask these volunteers to record each performance and get a copy to the Club in a timely fashion. They are also credited for any editing time as well. As with the photographs, the Club owns these videos and they are not for personal or commercial use or distribution.


During registration, we have a couple of in-person specific days that require a few volunteers to step in and help us out. They would be entering information into our system, accepting payments, and answering questions about the Club. We often have volunteers go around and advertise where we are and when we will be there.

Volunteer Perks

Perks are earned based on registered hours volunteering with the club via any of the above opportunities.

Early Registration

Early Registration is held before opening our system to the general public. Volunteers working registration or anyone who volunteered six or more hours in the previous dancing year are invited to register themselves and a partner. We do suggest having multiple class choices ready, in case your first choice is not available.

Complimentary Monthly Dance Ticket

Complimentary Monthly Dance tickets can be registered with us when earned, so volunteers need to just show up and present their membership card for free entry to one Monthly Dance!