The University of Saskatchewan Ballroom Dancing Club offers various workshops to our members throughout the year. Open to all members, they are typically one-day events where dancers are exposed to material and dances that are not a part of the normal curriculum. Past workshops have been, for example, on Hustle, Night Club Two Step, West Coast Swing, Waltz.

Specialty Workshops

Specialty workshops offer members an opportunity to learn patterns and dances that are not in the clubs curriculum for the low price of $5 per session. The specialty workshops occur 2 to 4 times per year and are taught by our volunteer instructors. The workshops typically occur at Trinity Orthodox Hall on 20th street west and are a 1 day event. They are also normally on the same day as a monthly dance so you can practise all the new moves you learned that day - the playlist has a few extra songs of that dance for practise.

The specialty workshops have three different levels of classes and starts with level one. Level one starts off with the basic and a few simple patterns off of the basic. Level one is an ideal starting place for someone who is not familiar with the dance or has very little practise in it. If level one went well members can choose to stay for level two which builds off of the patterns taught in level one and introduces a bit more complex patterns. Members can also just drop into level two if they are comfortable with the basic patterns of the dance being taught. Yet again members can choose to continue on with level three after the first two levels. Level three will continue to build on what was taught in the previous two levels and adds longer strings of patterns. Members can choose to drop into level three if they are quite familiar and comfortable with the dance being taught.

Not sure what level is right for you? We always recommend coming out to all three as you never know what you will learn! If that is not possible consider the following, how much experience do you have with the dance? How comfortable are you with the dance? Or you could always ask your instructor!

Not sure if you should stick around for higher levels? You can always ask the instructors teaching the workshop. If they are busy the executive or other instructors in attendance would be able to help you decide!

Upcoming Specialty Workshops

Term Workshops

Term workshops offer members an opportunity to learn patterns that are not in the clubs curriculum -the dances taught are part of the curriculum. They occur twice a year and are taught by our principal instructor with the assistance of several of the follow instructors. The Term workshops are typically at Holliston School on Louise Ave and are the low price of $5 They are normally scheduled on the same day as a monthly dance so you can practise your new moves - the playlist has a few extra songs of that dance for practise. We invite a dance shoe salesperson to each workshop - we will always announce if their is a salesperson at the workshop.

The term workshops are offered in 3 different levels that usually do not build off of each other. Coming into the level one session it is recommended you know the basic pattern of the dance as the instructor builds off of that. The patterns and technique taught in level one would be similar to the ones seen in the beginner level classes. Level two patterns and technique would be comparable to an intermediate level - but if you are a beginner and you were comfortable and mastered level one you could stick around for level two. Finally level three is the most difficult level as it is meant for more advanced members. Level three is typically a string of patterns put together to create one long pattern.

Not sure if you should stick around for the next level? Feel free to talk to the instructor teaching the lesson, the assistants or any of the other instructors that are around to help make the decision.

Upcoming Term Workshops